About Skinny Greens

About Bioglan Superfoods

At Bioglan Superfoods we believe in the highest quality ingredients and superior products. We have a passion for delivering high nutrient density ingredients and foods from nature.

Optimum eating shouldn't be difficult. We will help people understand how to eat better, provide the ingredients to eat healthier, and provide formats that can be enjoyed and appreciated.

The secrets to living and eating healthy have been known for centuries. We will harness the innate wisdom of ancient cultures that are tested, proven, and delivered to your pantry using the latest knowledge and technologies, and we will continually scour the earth for the latest.


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What does Skinny Greens do?

Skinny Greens is a 3-week, 3-step regime designed to help you achieve weight wellness and kick-start your healthy lifestyle.

Step 1: 7 Day Superfood Cleanse

Step 2: 14 Day Superfood Thermo Burn

Step 3: 14 Day Superfood Replenish Shake (Mixed Berry or Vanilla)

Improving what you eat and the way you live doesn’t have to be a radical change to your life. Incorporate the small improvements into different parts of your routine. Every small change is another small step on the way to your ultimate destination – a better, healthier and happier you!

Bioglan Superfoods Skinny Greens can help you achieve the shape you want, the natural way. We don’t believe in elimination diets and think it’s just as important to consider what you put into your diet as what you cut out of it.

Containing a powerful blend of active ingredients combined with the goodness of Superfoods, Skinny Greens is designed to kick-start a healthier you and is the perfect partner to a balanced diet and active lifestyle.  Whether you want to reset your system after an indulgent weekend, feel better in yourself after a treat-filled holiday or just need a helping hand to get back on track with your healthy eating, Bioglan Superfoods Skinny Greens can help!

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